QRsPAY provides unique QR Code (Serial Number, Wide AI) development and service, unique identifier (product/AD) certification inquiry, excellent product P2P direct transactions mall and coin-based blockchain platform designs having essential functions for real-life needs.

QRs PAY will allow more people to understand the blockchain and use the coin to create value for future generations who will spend more time on this planet. The distribution of all genuine products around the world prevents the damage of manufacturers and consumers, thereby avoiding the reduction of tax in the country and contributing to a healthy world economic order, fulfill the act of sharing of rewards through the certification process,  and create an ecosystem of cryptocurrencies by operating the world's first off-online QRsPAY blockchain payment system and online P2P direct trade shopping of excellent products allowing consumers to purchase either using cash and/or QRsPAY coin directly from producers without the need for brokers and distribution margins.

OUR Business


World’s first Serial Number and Wide QR Code generation technology development and service


Blockchain based Coin per Scan & Click Reward System Operation


Operation of excellent P2P direct trade mall based on Cash and QRsPAY Coin payment system without distribution margins


QRsPAY Coin payment system technology convergence (Bar Code, QR Code, Blockchain Data, App Scan Certification) development and service

Blockchain Global Leader

  • Unique QR Code(Serial Number, Wide AI) development and service

  • Blockchain based certification queries and Coin Reward System

  • Blockchain-based excellent P2P direct trade mall for suppliers and consumers having no distribution margin

  • On·Offline QRsPAY blockchain payment system

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