AI Wide QR Code


World’s first Serial Number and Wide QR Code Generation Technology Development and Service

QR Code is automatically generated and printed by the program algorithm using the randomization of input, date/time data, and serial number.


AI Wide QR Code development and service is a certification system that scans embedded image and color data of Hidden Wide QR Code on full or partial product packaging.


Official product certification service using Unique AI Wide QR Code   

- Currently, preventing counterfeiting is difficult as the QR Code generated are all the same since the data of the QR Code are the same for the same product.

- QR Code generation method of QRsPAY

▪ Method1 A QR code is generated entirely differently for the same modeled product using the generation method of the QR Code being the randomization

   of input data, date/time data, serial number, and the program algorithm which automatically inputs the data.

▪ Method2 AI Hidden QR Code is a Wide QR Code that is scanned from an embedded data, color, and image in the full or partial product packaging

   (a certification system where the QR Code is widely placed in the product's entire wrapper)

Operational Technology Examples

- A certification query and rewarding coin system using the mobile phone to scan

  image, data, color information on the integrated DB (blockchain distributed ledger)

- Identify whether the product's image is its original or not.

Hidden Image/Source AI Identification

To help manufacture generate QR Code (country, manufacture, product name, automatic serial number conversion input) using the logo, the image used in packaging, the color of the product, and design to hide the pattern and have enable a method of AI identification through the integrated DB (blockchain)

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