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- A system that able concurrent payment with cash and coin without distribution margin


Official Product Direct Trading Site

When consumers shop, they believe in the shopping mall system or the market. And then they buy a product that includes excessive distribution margins. The P2P direct trading system of excellent products is different as it is based on a decentralized blockchain and it has no distributor margin, and the payments are made in Cash or Coin in parallel.


And it is made possible through safe transactions and reputation systems. Now, distribution and retail industry like Amazon and other online shopping malls that dominate the current distribution market will quickly dismantle.P2P Direct Trading Mall also plans to assetize raw materials, production, and sales information into Big Data connection system, which is a system of historical tracking and supply, to prevent overproduction, and to turn information such as consumption trend analysis and consumer analysis into economic resources.

Main Business Activities

• Direct trading system between interlinked producers and consumers

• No distribution margin. Payment is made in cash and coin in parallel

Mutual trust rewards through

smart contracts to each party

Mall Site manufacturer product

upload & Consumer purchase

Record tracking, Big Data System

Document commercialization ∙ Assetization


A system where payments can be made in either Cash or Coin without the distributor margin.

Coin settlement, payment, usage system

Product purchase and payment1

Producer supply price
(Payment with Cash)

Retail margin (10~20%)
(QRsPAY Coin payment)

Consumer purchase price(Cash payment)

Product purchase and paymen2

Producer supply price
(QRsPAY Platform Cash interlinked payment)

Retail margin (10~20%)
(QRsPAY Coin Saving)

Consumer purchase price

(QRsPAY Coin payment)

How to get a Coin

- Member registration, Event, Official

  product certification Coin Rewards, Purchase

- Exchange to QRsPAY Coin(After purchase)

- Payment of retail margin at the time of

   product purchase on the direct trading site

- Exchange at Coin trading exchange

How to purchase a Coin

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