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On·Offline QRsPAY Coin Payment System

- Coin Payment Convergence System(Bar Code, QR Code, Blockchain Data, App Scan Certification)


On·Offline QRsPAY Blockchain Payment System

With the development of Bar Code, QR Code, Blockchain Data App Scan Certification, Coin Payment Convergence System, we aim to operate a system where cash is quickly paid to operators and make a sound cryptocurrency ecosystem and have it serves as the key currency to increase the value of cryptocurrency usage by enabling On·Offline Commerce, and Service Coin Payments and payments on the P2P Excellent Product Shopping Mall without Distribution Margin, Korea Food Service Industry Association Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Branch connected Ollepang Restaurant APP QRsPAY Coin payment system.

System and Flowchart

QRsPAY Platform Convergence System

QRsPAY Payment Flowchart

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