Blockchain-based Coin per Scan & Reward System

The certification for the unique identification mark of QRsPAY Project is performed by online scanning with a unique QR Code (Serial Number, Wide AI) that is private, and checking the data on the distributed ledger system on the blockchain and with a coin payment principle on a separate cryptocurrency blockchain system bringing official product certification, record tracking, and location tracking system to realization.


System development such as official product, Halal, green certification according to product purchase, advertisement mark certification, learning contents learning process certification, merchant discount point certification and reward systems are proceeding smoothly. Foremost, we intend to start the service with the pre block-chained integrated DB and then apply the distributed ledger blockchain system once we accelerate the pace of the business.

Main Business Activities

Product Unique Identification Marking Certification and Rewards

- Product(Official∙Halal∙Green∙Eco-friendly) Certification

- Advertisement(Flyers∙Magazines∙Newspaper∙Internet∙Public Notice)


- Learning Content Certification

※ Unique (Wide, Serial) QR Code (Mark, Data) Certification

    and Reward System with Interlinked Blockchain

- Record tracking, location tracking, Big Data

Advertising Mark Certification and Rewards

Mark printed on advertisement



Blockchain Certification system certification

Reward System Free Coin Payouts

- Mark printed on advertisement → Mobile Scan → blockchain

  certification system certification → Free system Coin

- Online advertising


- CPC(Coin Per Install) : App Install


- CPC(Coin Per Click) Advertisement: Pop-up, Banner Click

- CPA(Coin Per Action) Advertisement: Level, Achievement check

※ Customer action, including experience level, input advertising of customer information

•Offline advertising

- Print advertising: Newspaper∙Magazine∙Business card∙Flyers

- Special media advertising: bus, subway, indoor advertising

•Video content site operation and advertising

- Training, game-specific P2P video site opening and operation

Learning Content Certification and Rewards

- Learning contents uploaded by the provider(Video, Animation) Coin Reward upon confirmation of progressive learning

- Blockchain certification and Coin Reward

Language, Department, Promotion, License, Corporate and new products IR and Internet uploaded learning content

- Operation of phased evaluation system for qualifications, and standard courses

Merchant Discount Point Certification and Rewards

- Merchant

Save Points through mobile registration (cumulative cash, stamp), and Coin converted payment

- Ordinary Business Owners

Coin Swap and payment at the point of Coin Scan of product and services

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